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How will YOUR CLASS measure up???

We received donations from 676 of our 8221 alumni for the 2007 Fund Drive. According to the Council for Aid to Education alumni participation among pre-college institutions was 21.7% in 2006. Helias alumni participation in the Annual Fund Drive is 8%. These alumni donations amounted to $104,354.98. THANK YOU! Certainly every donation is a gift, and is very much appreciated; but we think we can do better...

So as part of the Annual Fund Drive that kicks off in April, we are excited to announce the kick off the Helias Class Challenge.
Donations made by Helias alumni will be tracked and compiled. Classes all have the opportunity to win the following 2 distinctions:

Helias Class of the Year Award*

The class with the highest percentage of participation will earn distinction as Helias Class of the Year. This class will earn bragging rights as the Best of the Best for one calendar year: highlighted in the Foundation Spring newsletter, featured on the Foundation website, and will have the option to have a float in the Homecoming Parade!!

Jim Rackers Award*

The class that generates the highest total revenue will earn this honor, and will also be listed in the Foundation Spring newsletter, featured in the E-Sader and the Foundation website.

*For the purpose of the Class of the Year challenge, married alumni can be credited for participation in both respective classes. For the Jim Rackers challenge, donation amounts can be split 50/50 or can all be credited to one spouse. Please specify this information with your donation.

Prefer not to receive a letter or phone call? Use the return envelope to send in your donation ASAP. We will "check you off" and you will have done your part to help your class!!

Remember no donation is too small; even if you can only send $10, your gift will make a difference for the Helias Foundation. Additionally, you will know that you have done your part to help your class win one of the Class Challenges.

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