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Helias Wish List

Helias Catholic High School relies on the generosity of those who share the passion for our school. As part of your year-end giving, we ask that you consider a generous contribution toward these important needs.

Please make your year-end contribution to the Helias Foundation. If you would like to designate your donation to one of the following projects for the high school, you will be prompted to indicate that as you make your contribution.

Thank you very much for your prayerful consideration of these requests!


Wish List Item Requested Received
Helias Foundation Endowment Fund                
(As this fund grows, so does the annual contribution from the Foundation to the High School)
4 laptop computers @ $1,000 each $4,000  
2 servers @ $2,000 each $4,000  
5 interactive projectors @ $1,500 each $7,500  
1 Chromebook cart ~$1,500  
30 chromebooks @ $260/ea ~$7,800  
Adams Concert Marimba (MCKF43) $4,000  
Adams Conver Xylo ( XSKF35) $2,500  
Adams Concert Xylophone with field frame
Adams Concert Glockenspiel with field frame
Adams Philharmonic Chimes with field frame
Wilson Euphonium 2590
Fox 220 bassoon
2 concert French horns Conn 6D
John Deere Gator with light package (turn signals, brake lights etc.) (This will be used to pull percussion equipment to and from the new stadium each day and every game as well as at marching band contests)
Adams timpani set
$10,000 approx.  
Buffet bass clarinet 1193
Conn 62HI bass trombone
Adams Gen II hammered copper timpani set
Pearl Export series drum set $1500  
Concert Chimes (BK3003CF) $4,500  

Crash Cymbals (1 medium heavy)

New Marching Ban Uniforms $85,000  
Bassoon $8,000  
Oboe $4,000  
John Deere Gator or equivalent (with break, taillights, and turn signals for safety) $8,000  
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