Foundation News

Upon This Foundation…

In 1956, Helias High School, the first dedicated, private four-year Catholic high school in Jefferson City, Missouri, opened its doors and welcomed its first students. Less than 20 years later a growing need for financial support was identified. And thus in 1974, the Helias Foundation, Inc., was formed with Jim Rackers serving as its first executive director – a position he held until his death in 2006.

Fast forward 45 years and the Foundation is still here, still serving Helias Catholic High School, and still helping the school, its alumni and its supporters to grow their Crusader legacies.

Presently, the Foundation employs three full-time staff members: Executive Director Mike Bruns, Accounting Manager & Administrative Assistant Kim Barbour, and Marketing & Social Media Director Kris Wilson. The Foundation’s executive director reports to the 18-member Board of Directors, which is led by board president Anne Rost.

The sole purpose of the Foundation, an independent and not-for-profit 501c (3) corporation, is to promote, expand and strengthen the long-term financial viability of Helias Catholic High School. Through the efforts of the Foundation, Helias continues to be able to offer a quality, affordable Catholic education to the students of Central Missouri.

The Foundation serves as a conduit for individuals and organizations to support Catholic education in central Missouri. The Foundation accomplishes this through outreach and education; fundraising and responsible financial stewardship of endowed and unrestricted funds; and support of projects and future needs as prioritized by Helias Catholic High School or as directed by donors. The Foundation does this by regularly dispersing funds directly to Helias Catholic High School.

The Foundation accomplishes its mission by generating revenue from its “Continue the Legacy” Annual Fund Drive campaign, its annual Foundation Golf Tournament and Young Crusaders Tournament, the annual Legacy Celebration & Hall of Fame Honors, and various other activities throughout the year. Money is received from businesses, alumni, past parents and family members, bequests, and other personal donors.

The Foundation also hosts the ever popular annual Helias Grandparents Day Mass & Luncheon. The event is not a fundraiser, but a special opportunity for students, staff, faculty, and the Foundation to give thanks to those who truly are our living legacies.

Additionally, and simply by the nature of its business, the Foundations serves as the school’s de facto alumni relations organization, providing an invaluable link and gateway to Helias Catholic High School for alumni of all ages regardless of location or residence. The Foundation is always willing to provide class reunion guidance and support for any graduating class interested in hosting a reunion or gathering, especially if usage of the school’s facilities is desired.

The Foundation for the Benefit of Helias Catholic High School exists solely and completely to serve and address the financial needs of Helias Catholic High School, the needs of its faculty and staff, and the needs of its students. Supporting their purpose is our mission. Growing their legacies is our passion. The continued success of Helias Catholic High School and its impact on every Crusader is our legacy.